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Christmas Gift Basket


  • Spanish Salsa
    3 bottles of Spanish wine Double the joy in any celebration with this excellent wine gift. Send this remarkable selection of three magnificent Spanish wines and let the good times roll.
    EUR 48
  • Sicilien gift set
    3 bottles of Italian Wine Sending wine gift is a unique and sophisticated idea to express your gratitude. This suave selection of three bottles of Sicialian favorites would be a wonderful gift to say it all.
    EUR 48
  • Wine Hamper
    2 Bottles of Red Wine, Other Gourmet with Wooden Cutting Board & Knife The perfect companion for a wonderful evening. 1 bottle of french red wine 0,75 l Rochecourt, 1 bottle of italian red wine 0,75 l Cabernet, a gouda from holland 432 g and a package of Grissini 125 g with a wooden cutting board and knife.
    EUR 81
  • Sweet Prickeling Hamper
    A bottle of La Giogiosa, Chocolates, Cookies & Cantuccini Make a wonderful gift with this hamper. The hamper contains 1 bottle of 0,75 l La Giogiosa, a mix of Truffel chocolates 225 g, a package of Florentiner cookies 100 g, a package of Cantuccini 250 g. The contents are in a beautiful hamper and decorated nicely.
    EUR 81
  • Three Wines
    A bottle of French White Wine, Sparkling Wine & Red Wine in a wicker hamper A great haper with 1 bottle of french white wine 0,75 l, 1 bottle of sparkeling wine 0,75 l Brut Dargent, 1 bottle of italian red wine 0,75 l Cabernet and one package of Grissini 125 g. The contents are in a beautiful wicker hamper and are decorated nicely.
    EUR 87
  • Jolly Eve
    A package of tasy Christmas gourmet A real looker! This package brings a feeling of x-mas market into any home. It comes with hot wine punch (1l), oblaten gingerbread (200 g), pepper nuts (400g), vanille kipferl (500g), 8 milka minis, mixed nuts (125g).
    EUR 96
  • Teddy Xmas Treats
    Sweet Tin Box & Teddy Bear A classic Christmas gift for kids across Europe. The gift sweet tin box and the cuddly bear, will bright any child's Christmas.
    EUR 100
  • Delicious Large Hamper
    A hamper of White Wine, Red Wine, Olives, and more A delicous hamper with 1 bottle of french white wine 0,75 l, one bottle of italian red wine Cabernet, a gouda from Holland 432 g, a glass of olives Piri Piri 140g , a package of Grissinis 125 g, a Package of Cantuccini 250 g, 1 Serrano Schinken 70 g one french Salami Aoste 250 g. The contents are in a beautiful wicker hamper and decorated nicely.
    EUR 106
  • Xmas Cookies Blast
    Chocolate cookies, Chocolate covered mini cookies, Butter cookies & More in a Tower This beautiful and unique gift tower is filled with 1 kg delicious treats. In included in this tower is; chocolate cookies, chocolate covered mini cookies, butter cookies and many more. This makes a great holiday gift!
    EUR 130
  • Cheese & Pate Celebration
    Tuscan Wine, Ferrero Rocher, Biscuit & More in a Basket This hamper includes favorite items perfect for gourmet snacking. A great gift for people who appreciate good flavors. 1 X Leber Pate 80g,1 X President le Brie 155g,1 X Ferrero Rocher Chocolates 200g,1 X Walker cookies biscuit 150g,1 X Tuscan Wine 1 X Basket
    EUR 147
  • Season's Greeting.
    Bruschetta, Greek Olives, Cheese & More in a Basket This beautiful gift basket is filled with delicacies food which any person would love it. This is the ideal gift to impress, for business associates, family or friends, no one will be disappointed. 1 X President Camembert 250g,1 X President le Bleu 155g,1 X Grissini 125g,1 X Bruschetta,2 X Greek Olives 250g,1 X Quart Maroilles cheese 200g,3 X Cheese medals 22g,1 X Basket
    EUR 158
  • Keep Healthy Gift Basket
    Olive Oil, Chocolate, Cookies, Tea & More in a Box Building on the components of the Capri, the Santorini features the basic of good Healthy food that may keep your body be in good shape. Nothing is more important than to keep healthy life-style to enjoy sweets and food in the most happy way possible. 1 X Greek olive oil 750ml,2 X Cavalier Belgian Chocolate 85g,1 X Grissini100g,1 X German cookies,1 X Mix Dry Fruit,1 X fruit jam sugar free,1 X Loyd Tea 34g,1 X Treasure Box
    EUR 158
  • Nuts About You
    Pistachios, Almonds, Dried Bananas, Dried fruits, Crackers & More in a Basket This gourmet gift basket is packed with lots of dried fruits and goodies that will turn any day into a party. It is certain to bring delight when your recipients discovered what a great healthy gift you send them! 1 X pistachios,1 X almonds,1 X dried bananas,1 X cranberries,1 X roasted almonds,1 X mix dried fruits,2 X Snyder pretzels,1 X Organic Pretzels,1 X Organic Crackers,1 X Lambertz cookies,1 X basket
    EUR 165
  • Country Hamper
    White & Red Wine with Ham, Other Gourmet & Wooden Cutting Board in a Wicker Hamper A beautiful jamper with 1 bottle of french white wine 0,75l, 1 bottle of italian red wine 0,75 l Cabernet, 1 package of Gouda 432 g, 1 package of Allgautaler 200 g, 1 glass of spiced pickles, 1 package of Blackforest Ham 350 g, 1 Meier Knackwurst 400 g can, 1 Meier Liver wurst 400 g glass, 1 Meier Wild-Liver wurst 200 g glass, and Meier Mettwurst 448 g, einer Meier Mettwurst 436 g, and a wooden cutting board with knife. The contents are in a nice wicker hamper and nicely decorated.
    EUR 176
  • Cheese & Wine Party
    Tuscan Wine, Biscuit, Mozart Balls & More in a Box This Gift Basket includes wonderful President cheeses, Blue & Cabernet , Tuscan Wine flavored cheese and more. A wonderful gift for Christmas or new year. 1 X President Camembert 250g,1 X President le Bleu 155g,1 X Mozart balls 297g,1 X Walker cookies biscuit 150g,1 X Tuscan Wine,1 X Antipasti 280g,1 X Treasure Box
    EUR 183

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